To enhance our responsiveness and cater to diverse needs, we've established strategic sub-verticals under the expansive WARAQ umbrella.

These subsidiaries, while independent, remain steadfast in aligning with WARAQ's overarching vision and mission, creating a comprehensive ecosystem that embodies our core principles.

Arab Recycling Company (ARC)

A shining example of our commitment to sustainable practices, Arab Recycling Company (ARC) has been at the forefront since its establishment in 2011.

ARC is dedicated to the collection and recycling of solid municipal waste, a crucial step towards creating a circular economy. By supplying high-quality recyclable materials to local manufacturing facilities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ARC contributes significantly to reducing waste and promoting environmentally conscious production.

Committed to adhering to industry-standard regulations in Health, Safety, Security, and Environment, ARC's mission resonates with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. Through awareness-building and circular economy efforts, ARC is a true catalyst for positive change.

Tharawat Operation and Maintenance (TOM)

In an era of streamlined operations, Tharawat Operation and Maintenance (TOM) exemplifies the modern industrial paradigm.

Recognizing the importance of specialized expertise, TOM offers top-tier industrial services including maintenance and fabrications. Staffed by a team of highly skilled professionals, TOM complements its parent organization by providing specialized solutions without the need for heavy infrastructure investment. By embracing efficiency and agility, TOM ensures that industrial operations maintain peak performance while optimizing resources.