Crowning Moments of Excellence

Within the annals of "WARAQ," a tapestry of achievements and recognition takes center stage, painting a portrait of a company committed to excellence and innovation.

Prestigious ISO Certifications

A testament to "WARAQ's" unwavering commitment to excellence, the company proudly brandishes a series of ISO certificates in Integrated Management Systems (IMS). These symbols of achievement include ISO 9001 for impeccable quality management systems, ISO 14001 for stringent environmental management systems, and ISO 18001 for meticulous occupational safety management systems. These certifications stand as badges of honor, underscoring WARAQ's devotion to ensuring the highest standards across every facet of its operations.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.

Reserved for industries that prioritize recycling to safeguard forests, this accolade reflects WARAQ's unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. Through recycling, the company stands as a protector of forests, bridging the gap between industry and environmental preservation.

Business Continuity Management

This ingenious system forms a shield against potential threats, ensuring the company's ability to not only weather but also swiftly recover from any adversity. By safeguarding personnel and assets, this plan stands as a sentinel, ready to uphold operations even in the face of a disaster. It's a testament to "WARAQ's" unshakable dedication to resilience and its commitment to its people and resources.

Awards & Achievements