Chairman Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you WARAQ’s official website.

I would like to start by explaining how this company came to hold a special place in both mine and my late father’s, (may he rest in peace), hearts. In1994, we were invited to participate in founding WARAQ along with 50 well-known businessmen and corporations in the region.

I had the honour of being a member of the WARAQ board of directors for several years, and witnessed its transformation from a limited liability company to a closed joint-stock company.

WARAQ was the first company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to manufacture cardboard rolls through recycling cardboard waste, and has evolved to become the largest company in the Middle East in terms of production capacity.

Thanks to God, and through the unlimited support of our wise leadership, the efforts of the founders, successive boards of directors, executive management, and the production team of WARAQ and its subsidiaries and associates, we were able to sustain success for more than a quarter of a century.

The company’s capital investment has reached 1.35 billion SAR which is 11 times the initial investment, the production capacity has also multiplied over 7 times to reach 500 thousand tons per year, while the company’s capital has reached 375 million SAR, around 4.5 times the establishing capital.

Our journey continues, as the quantities produced until the end of 2020 amounted to 4.4 million tons of cardboard rolls, produced through recycling about 5 million tons of cardboard waste.

WARAQ’s high-quality products cover most of the local carton factories’ needs and we were able to expand our services to reach China and Latin America.

The paper manufacturing industry in KSA has faced great challenges due to limited resources, such as a lack of forests and rivers, however with God’s grace and due to the persistence and ambition of WARAQ’s founders and production team, we were able to achieve the impossible, as we have always believed in our national Saudi ambition which aspires its glory from the towering Tuwaiq mountain.

I remain optimistic about the future of the paper manufacturing industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and am confident that WARAQ’s board of directors will continue to guide the company on its journey of success and achieve further growth in accordance with our wise leadership plans and the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to occupy a leading position as an industrial country.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of WARAQ’s stakeholders and express to you my warmest and best regards. May God grant us all prosperity and good health.

Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Dossary

Chairman Message