Innovative Solutions for Corrugated Box Manufacturers

At WARAQ, we are dedicated to delivering premium quality raw materials to the Corrugated Box industry with our high-quality linerboard. Our commitment to excellence extends from sourcing premium recycled fibers and processing them on state-of-the-art equipment using the best manufacturing and quality assurance protocols. This unwavering dedication results in products that not only meet the exacting demands of a discerning client with a quality second to none and can stand the rigors of production and application challenges.

Pioneering Product Range

We have since our inception led the charge in developing contemporary solutions which were the need of the hour. Be it ultra lightweight or heavyweight liner-board or be it specialty grades like HPL Base Paper WARAQ always led the path. In addition to regular grades, we also produce premium Kraft Top grades and also Unbleached Coreboard, essential for crafting paper tubes and drums.

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We currently manufacture fluting medium, testliner, and coreboard. Fluting medium constitutes the inner layer of corrugated paper, serving as a shock absorber. On the other hand, LINER refers to both the outer and inner layers of paper, providing dimensional stability and strength to the corrugated box. Due to the impeccable surface quality and outstanding texture of WARAQ's Testliner, it has been employed as an external liner, a role that was traditionally designated for virgin Kraft liners. Additionally, our Coreboard is converted into cores, bobbins, and paper tubes, serving various purposes across a broad spectrum of applications.

In this section, we offer an overview of several product solutions offered by our company to our valued customers.

Product Overview