Visionary Leadership

Pioneering a Circular Dream

In an era when sustainability was not yet a mainstream concept, our visionary founders harbored a dream: to make recycling not just an aspect of business, but its very core. In 1994, Saudi Arabia lacked a recycling mill, causing recovered fiber to either languish in landfills or be shipped out of the nation. Drawing inspiration from global industry leaders, we constructed a cutting-edge facility named Arab Paper Manufacturing Co., known as WARAQ, a symbol of our commitment. Today, WARAQ stands as Saudi Arabia's premier hub for corrugated case materials and specialized Kraft Papers that extend beyond packaging.

Connecting through Location and Quality

Strategically nestled in the heart of Dammam's dynamic business district, our facility enjoys the advantage of proximity to Dammam Port, a gateway to efficient global trade routes. This central location empowers us to swiftly export our products from the Far East to the Americas, facilitating connections on major trade lanes. Our focus on quality and service echoes not just through our products, but also in our dedication to managing the Kingdom's recovered paper fiber within its borders, fostering economic and societal prosperity within our communities.
Patients Friends Committee in Asharqia Chamber

Transformational Impact: Driving Vision 2030

Today, WARAQ serves as a catalyst for Saudi Arabia's journey toward Vision 2030, contributing significantly to a thriving economy. For over 25 years, our pursuit of excellence has positioned us as champions of sustainability, taking the lead in managing the Kingdom's recovered paper. By producing top-notch recycled containerboard, premium-grade Semi Kraft Liners, and diverse specialty papers, we have eliminated the need for importing Virgin Kraft Paper. WARAQ's dedication is underscored by our unwavering commitment to exceeding the expectations of our expanding client network.

Sustainability Stalwart: Marching Towards a Greener Future

As Saudi Arabia undergoes a transformation, WARAQ stands at the vanguard of change. Vision 2030's focus on sustainability resonates deeply with us, driving us to enhance recycling rates and safeguard the environment. Our position as Saudi Arabia's pioneering and largest paper-recycling mill empowers us to contribute actively to the nation's journey toward a greener, more sustainable society and economy. Guided by an unbreakable spirit of innovation, WARAQ remains dedicated to meeting the evolving packaging needs of a global clientele, bridging geographies, and ensuring consistent quality and service.