Message from the CEO

From the inception of human civilization to our modern world, paper has woven itself into the fabric of progress. It has touched every facet of human life. Our organization, WARAQ, draws its name from a verse in the Holy Quran, reflecting the significance of paper even in sacred texts. It’s been my privilege to be a part of WARAQ’s journey from its conceptualization to becoming a powerhouse in the industry. This success is the culmination of collective efforts and the dedication of individuals who transformed WARAQ from a vision to a reality.

Our story is one of collaboration and vision. Together, we’ve taken WARAQ from a single paper mill to a corporate entity boasting three state-of-the-art mills and a 50 MW Power Plant, showcasing a capacity of 500,000 MT. From local beginnings, we’ve expanded our footprint to serve regional and international markets, demonstrating our resilience despite challenges such as water and fiber resource scarcity in our region.

The guiding light of our founders has led WARAQ to excel in the realm of quality Kraft Paper. With unwavering commitment, we adhere to the highest standards of papermaking. We prioritize efficiency, fulfilling commitments to customers, while nurturing our human resources and maintaining environmental safety.

In the face of new challenges, WARAQ stands strong, driven by our ability to innovate and adapt. We’re actively investing in digital infrastructure, automating operations, and embracing smart industrial systems. Our supply chain and waste management innovations align with Vision 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learning, growth, and innovation are perpetual companions on our journey. With determination, we’ll achieve our leadership vision, amplify shareholder investments, and benefit all stakeholders. May our efforts be blessed with success and guidance.

Warm regards,
Salah Al Otaibi

CEO Message