Nurturing Nature through Sustainable Practices

Preserving the environment

Did you know, it takes a staggering 12 to 24 fully grown trees to create just one ton of paper? At WARAQ, we're committed to transforming this ecological impact through sustainable practices that champion our environment. Our papermaking process avoids the use of toxic or harmful chemicals, and all process waste generated is biodegradable.

Using recycled materials results in 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution.

Imagine, recycling half of the world's paper could set free a staggering 20 million acres of precious forest land! We take this to heart, and that's why we've adopted a practice of paper production that doesn't rely on toxic or harmful chemicals. Our commitment extends beyond production – every bit of waste generated in our paper-making process is biodegradable, ensuring a greener footprint.

Championing Forests & Conserving Water: Our Dual Mission

Beyond safeguarding forests, WARAQ is also dedicated to preserving the Middle East's most vital resource – water. As an integral part of the National Transformation Program and the visionary Kingdom’s Vision 2030 roadmap, our conscientious water consumption practices play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future.

Where Innovation Meets Eco-Friendly Production

Cutting-Edge Plant

Step into our cutting-edge production facility, where innovation and automation unite to craft the finest recycled paper sheets. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and adhering to global quality control standards, we ensure that every sheet meets precise technical parameters.

Amplifying Impact with a Dedicated Subsidiary

Recycling Services

Meet our subsidiary, Arab Recycling Company Ltd (ARC). Tasked with nationwide recycling services and recoverable materials collection, this dedicated entity enhances our ESG impact. Through a well-established network of collection centers across Saudi Arabia, we're not only achieving self-sufficiency in raw materials but also driving a substantial shift towards a more sustainable future.

Leading Saudi Arabia towards Sustainability

A Resounding Difference

WARAQ proudly stands as a key contributor to Saudi Arabia's sustainability journey. Our resolve to avoid harming chemicals and promote biodegradability further solidifies our commitment to a cleaner planet. As we champion forests and water conservation, we align ourselves with the National Transformation Program and Vision 2030, crafting a more resilient and responsible future for generations to come.

WARAQ Environmental Practices

Environmental Awareness Training

Conducted 68 hours of environmental awareness training for employees and interns. Topics covered: Compliance, sustainability, regulations

Environmental Legal Register

Implemented a new environmental tracking system in 2023 to ensure compliance with environmental requirements. Includes 14 documents related to the environment.

Environmental Monitoring

Conducted monthly internal environmental measurements (gas test and noise level) from January 2023 to June 2023. KPI target: >82%.

Environmental Aspects

Annual review of 500 environmental aspects to ensure adherence to permissible limits.