19 Mar 2024
Cultivating a Work Environment that Retains Our Best Resources.

In WARAQ we believe that each employee is unique, with their own skills, strengths, motivations, and career aspirations. One of the most crucial missions that are led by HR is to understand individual goals and provide opportunities for continued growth and engagement. Sustaining retention and loyalty is one of the main elements in our priority plans so we have multiple initiatives made to support our veteran employees. Part of these initiatives is upskilling or reskilling opportunities to keep senior employees relevant and engaged.

We acknowledge and celebrate the veteran employees’ who have long-term dedication and contributions. We believe that veteran employees can guide and train younger colleagues, fostering a sense of purpose and legacy. Also, we encourage their participation in conferences, workshops, or professional development programs to remain engaged and connected.

In this quarter, we celebrated our senior staff Mr. Jameel Bin Nasser Al Hejji who completed 20 years serving in WARAQ. Mr. Hejji started as a junior Fireman assistant and had multiple promotions in his career till he became a senior firefighting Supervisor. During his tenure as the firefighting supervisor, he demonstrated mature leadership, profound expertise in emergency response protocols, and a relentless commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the entire team and the premises. His proactive approach to fire prevention and swift, decisive actions during critical situations earned him recognition not only from his team members but also from higher management.

We wish him continued success in his role as the firefighting supervisor and express our gratitude for his unwavering dedication to maintaining a secure and safe environment.