Empowering Communities.
Transforming Lives.

Championing Social Responsibility

Within the walls of WARAQ, a pivotal administrative unit beats with purpose - the Social Responsibility Unit.
As a guardian of core values, it stands as a testament to WARAQ's commitment to enriching its operations through a profound sense of social responsibility and sustainability. In a world where attention to these vital aspects is paramount, WARAQ strides forward with a clear focus on its social participation, recognizing this as the path that fuels its impact.

Crafting Impactful Initiatives

Holistic Approach

The Social Responsibility Department within WARAQ is an embodiment of its commitment. It meticulously engineers and launches a spectrum of programs and initiatives, each meticulously designed to yield comprehensive social returns. By weaving diversity into their content, WARAQ ensures that its contributions resonate across a wide array of societal segments.

Notably, a special emphasis is placed on engaging with accredited charitable organizations. Over the past year, WARAQ orchestrated a series of charitable and social development programs, including heartfelt IFTAR programs that catered to fasting individuals, amounting to a commendable donation of 246,000 riyals.

Nurturing Humanity, One Step at a Time

Human Connection

WARAQ extends its social reach beyond numbers, connecting directly with those who need it most.
In a noteworthy collaboration with the Committee of Patients' Friends in the Asharqia Chamber, the company orchestrated a visit to the King Fahd University Hospital. This compassionate gesture resonated as patients were visited and their needs for medical devices identified.

Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

Empowering the Future

To create lasting change, WARAQ invests in the future, nurturing the potential within the youth. Collaborating with the Social Development Committee, the company launched the "Make a Skill" Program, aimed at youth development and empowerment during semester breaks. By imparting skills and knowledge, WARAQ contributes to a stronger, more capable generation, poised to drive positive change.

Investing in Progress

Sustainable Partnerships

WARAQ doesn't merely offer monetary support; it goes the extra mile by creating opportunities for growth and sustainability.
By supporting citizens involved in paper and cardboard waste collection, the company stimulates the sector, bolstering investments and employment. Through tailored training and equipment financing, a symbiotic relationship is nurtured, nurturing both the environment and economic growth.

Education, Employment, Empowerment

Tomorrow's Workforce

We seek to fuel the engines of tomorrow's workforce by offering training to university, college, and institute students prior to their graduation. This hands-on approach bridges academia with practical industry experience, nurturing skilled individuals ready to make a difference.
Additionally, WARAQ partners with the Al Ber Charity Association, offering job opportunities to their sponsored families' children. This not only provides employment but contributes to the broader goal of Saudization, aligning with national efforts for development and progress.
In the heart of WARAQ, social responsibility thrives as a force for good, shaping lives, nurturing potential, and fostering a future where communities flourish hand in hand with sustainable progress.

Corporate Social Responsibility