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Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest developing economies of the world. This unique achievement is a result of rapid industrialization, investment in core sectors touching the entire gamut of human life necessary for sustained growth. Industrial growth in turn means an increase in demand for packaging. Corrugated packaging is the preferred choice for most of today's packaging needs due to its eco-friendly nature. Over the last two decades quite a few corrugated carton plants emerged in the kingdom but had to rely on 100% imports for their raw material requirements.

This window of opportunity was envisioned by a group of 50 Saudi investors who joined hands in 1994 to incorporate Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. or WARAQ as it is more popularly called. Waraq's promoters created a commercial enterprise which would not only be a source of profit for them but also contribute to the nation's economic growth by providing gainful learning & employment opportunity to the locals meanwhile providing a quality raw material solution to the corrugated carton industry.